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Banco Agricola cards
bank creditcard
Project Info:

BancoAgricola is a bank in El Salvador. They wanted to change their credit card designs with their new brand identity. Here where I jump in and help them to design their new card series. Well they have a lot of different cards for different needs. Every card has two versions which are visa and master card. Here you see both editions for the basic, golden and platinum. Every edition has its own pattern at the background even for the master card and visa editions.

Black is the most exclusive cards for big account owners. The green ones are special “Super selectivos” cards. Super Selectivos is a supermarket here in El Salvador. They have a partnership with the bank. So this card owners can get more discounts or special offers in the Super Selectivos markets. These super Selectivos cards has also one pair of golden editions as well.

These are the Debito cards which are just for taking money from ATM’s. They are not credit cards but you can pay in money and use it for shopping anyway. They also have master card and visa in all editions. There is also Netcard in bottom right corner. It’s a card for only internet using. They have safe internet shopping. Upper right is the Business card which is for the companies to only use for company purposes.

Another idea of mine was making the cards custom for each customer. We are going to have a small section for this. The section will let people to upload their own favorite pictures to have as a background on their cards. Their children, favorite art, artists, or the painting that their child did or anything they are passionate about. I am sure people can do very creative things with this and it’s not so hard to apply. All we have to do is adding a small section for this to website of the bank. So people can upload their pictures and pan and set the image just like changing profile picture in facebook.

  • Client: Banco Agricola
  • Country: El Salvador
  • City: San Salvador
  • Agency: Lowe