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citroen family pizza
Project Info:

The print ad at the top is a work we did in Havas. It’s simply saying that your Citroen is a part of your family. Very straight forward.

The other project excites me more though. A pizza box advertising. It’s quite popular in Brazil. I think Brazilians seeing everything as a new advertising medium. This project was all about Citroen after sale services. We wanted to tell that “Citroen after sales is fast and easy as ordering a pizza”  First option is a Citroen key on a tray. When you hold this box you fell like you are actually holding the tray. With a image of the keys of Citroen car.

I print a scale model of legendary Citroen CV2 on the box and tell that: We can re-build your real car till you can finish this mock up. It’s a kind of race against the Citroen Service.  I drew the blueprint of CV2 in illustrator for this one and it’s quite fun to make a toy car from your pizza box.

  • Client: Citroen
  • Country: Brazil
  • City: Sao Paulo
  • Agency: Havas