I'm here

I move a lot, I travel much but actually that’s why I am very reachable. Finding me is super easy. You can always visit my office in Kadir Has University, reach me by e-mail or phone number. You can also find me in all around social media networks. I am online almost all the times.

You can view all the videos I shot on the road from my Vimeo and Youtube channels. Beside these, Facebook and Instagram are the top social media platforms I use actively.

Feel free to drop me a hi, no matter which platfrom you choose to contact with me.

Yavuz Sultan Selim mahallesi. İncebel sokak. No:16/3 34083 Istanbul /Turkey

+90 535 244 7820



If you have a new project or career opportunity feel free to contact with me. Depending on the time period, probably you’ll receive a response within a few hours.


No! After some unnecessary experiences I decided not to do free consulting. Don’t send me some of  your design work and ask me to critique it. Rather than that, try to work with a designer you trust or e-mail me for consulting service. Some people insist to hire unexperienced designers for their projects and keep asking me about their works and how to make them look better. It’s not a good idea.


DOTR is not looking for interns nowadays but I know a lot of other studios or agencies who are looking for some. I don’t promise anything but I can lead you to the right place if you are lucky. Send me an e-mail and I will do my best then will return with news.


Yes, it was the best thing I did in my life so far and I advice it to everybody. People who are about to send me questions about how I did it, please read my blog “Designerontheroad” before you shot the questions.


If you’d like to feature me or my work in your blog or website you can visit press section and download the press kit from there. Don’t forget to credit my works and give me a link to see it later on. If it is a magazine, newspaper or a book let me know so I can send you a link for downloading high res images and works for better quality. If it is an interview just drop me an e-mail to schedule a meeting or directly send me your questions if you want to make it an online interview. If it is an online one please read the previous interviews from press section and try not to shot the same questions that has been asked to me many times before.

Talks & Workshops

I make design talks / workshops in events, universities and companies no matter where in the world. What can be more satisfying than talking, sharing and laughing all together with hundreds of people! You can see the pictures from my previous presentations in the “Talks” section. You can also download my workshop proposal pdf to have a better idea about how I do these talks all around. If you are interested to invite me to your conference or school to give a talk, please feel free to inquire about having me speak at your conference, send me an e-mail.