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Project Info:

Designer on the road was one of my biggest projects since it changed my entire life and myself. It was 2011 when I was bored of my life and decided to make a change. A big one! My plan was traveling around the world by working in design offices around the world without any personal savings or credit card. It took three years and I have travelled and lived in 23 countries. 45 cities and worked in 27 design / advertising offices. I collected the graphical language of being on the road in land, sky and sea. Combined all these elements and that’s how I created the project’s graphic world. I also chose stamp like design type to make it more fitting into the concept.

At the end it turned out as my best 3 years of my life so far. And I don’t think any thing else can beat this up.

Before I started my road trip I decided to share my adventures with people via a blog. So I designed a logo and a blog template for the project. My dear friend Rıfat Caner Anıltürk helped me to dress up my template over to WordPress system. After that I decided to design a sticker card for Designer on the road to stick it everywhere on the road to gain more followers or clients around the world. I printed thousands of them free of charge. Thanks to “Ofset yapımevi” Today these stickers are placed in many walls, traffic lights, signs, roads, phone booths, toilet doors and everywhere across the globe.

You can check the entire project from:

  • Designer on the road pizza box cards: Another thing I did was hand made business cards made out of the latest pizza's box I ordered just before the road trip. It was great to give these shitty cards to CEO's or creative directors of global network agencies.
  • Bag contents: Photos of the stuff you see are the things I packed up in my bag just before my world trip. You can see the cards and the t-shirt there as well.
  • Git dedi bana: Singer and copywriter Burcu Erbaş composed a song for Designer on the road named "Git dedi bana" It was a big thing for me and I just made a video clip for the song from the footage I have recorded on the road. Here it is and some other example of Designer on the road videos. However there are many more of them if you are interested. Check my Youtube or Vimeo channel to see all from the contact page.