Design Talks & Workshops

I traveled the world by working in design companies, game studios and advertising agencies located in 23 different countries for 3 years. From massive big agencies to small start up companies I have visited and worked in 27 companies.For sure I had amazing and super terrible times on the road. Met with amazing people, became friends and created with them. I learned a lot about life and design during my journey and I have an unpreventable passion of sharing them with other people. So I make design talks and workshops in events, universities and companies no matter where in the world. What can be more satisfying than talking, sharing and laughing all together with hundreds of people!

Here are some of the video and photo footage from my various presentations: Do it now not later, Abnormal and School of life. Now I created a brand new keynote presentation named “I have things to tell” and I am open to share it on new stages. If you are interested to invite me to your conferance or school to give a talk please feel free to inquire about having me speak at your conference, send me an e-mail.