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Time box
box calendar design
Project Info:

Etisalat is one of the head gsm companies in Sri Lanka. They asked for a simple desk calendar from us. However they wanted to change their communication in a much creative and smart way. Till then they were a bit serious maybe a little bit boring. So I didn’t want to create just another usual desk calendar. I came up with a time box idea. The idea is simple. It’s a cube box with a roller. Inside the box we have 10 years of calendar printed on a paper. We rolled that paper inside the box like a fax paper and when you turn the roller you see each month came out from the upper hole. We also have 2 small pens at the back of the box. One green and one red. At the end of everyday you fill in the days with these colors. Red means you had a bad day and green means you had a nice day. 10 years later you open the box and take the rolled paper and open it on the floor and see how many good and bad days you had in last 10 years.

Calendar is made by 3 languages for Sri Lanka. Every side of the box contains each language. Singhalese, Tamil and English. Even the months written in 3 languages.

After I gave the design document of “time box” for prototype production, I just wanted to make an alternative design for Etisalat calendar project. Because time box can be an expensive project for the client and I have no idea about their budget. I had collaborated with my dear friend Görkem Özdemir for the 3D modeling of the calendar and some important industrial touches to reduce production costs.

As a second option I came up with 12 cards. 1 card for each month of the year. I also designed a simple package to hold these cards.

Sri Lanka has a lot of important days, festivals and holidays. It’s so much that they only work half in a year. So I planned special images for each month about these specific days. In every card, there are around 30 numbers depending on the month. Everyday you connect one dot to another and at the end of the month you draw a picture about that month’s special day. Just like the game we were playing in child books when we were small kids.

The box can be a stand for the cards when you fold it. So you can use it as a desk calendar too.

Etisalat is a communication brand. Postcards is a way to communicate too. They are like an old school short message service (sms) So every card is also useable as a sms service. 

  • Client: Etisalat
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • City: Colombo
  • Agency: Mc Cann Erickson