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game illustration
Project Info:

Catfight Worldwide is a video game project I have created as a graduation project in the last year of university. It’s a fighting game just like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat series. However in Catfight, all the characters are sexy women from all around the world. Instead of using martial arts, they actually fight like a women. They slap, split, throw shoes, scratch with nails, pulling hairs of each other and the list goes on. All of them has some special moves for sure depending on where they are from and all of them has some interesting stories to enter this Catfight tournament. From saving her dad from a deadly disease to buying a Dolce & Gabbana bag, they all have different reasons to participate.

Plus: These clothes get damageduring the fight as well.

  • Characters: There are 16 playable characters for the first game
  • Illustrations: Most of them drawn and colored in Photoshop. Used a lot of reference pictures about how women looks like in these specific countries.
  • Presentation: Works printed digitally in 120x70 cm