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Alfa 8C Competizione
drawing illustration
Project Info:

8C Competizione is the super sports car created by Alfa Romeo. This car is for dark side. This car is an anti VW Golf. This car is something bad. Something which is created with hell fire!

That’s why I draw this comic style illustration for a specific print ad which will locate in a comic book. Yes we know that comic book buyers probably not gonna buy a 8C Competizione. But it’s ok. We just did it for fun.

  • Working in progress: I draw the line work on a A3 paper with a usual pencil. Then I did the ink work with a cd marker. After that I scaneed the paper in agency and used Photoshop for painiting.
  • Client: Alfa Romeo
  • Country: Turkey
  • City: İstanbul
  • Agency: Young & Rubicam