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Mito launch campaign
ad alfa campaign
Project Info:

Mito is the first compact car of the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It’s built as a rival for Mini cooper. Most important feature of the car is that it’s customizable. You can choose how your rims, couches, mirrors look like. You can choose colors for specific parts as well. That’s why I have created these young Mtv style graphics mixed vector and pixel based techniques. Most of the shapes are created by the visuals of the cars and some specific parts for the launch campaign of the Mito. Many Young&Rubicam offices across the world worked for it. But this one was one of the best selected ones by the Alfa Romeo Turkey and Young & Rubicam Italia.

  • Ads created based on the keywords which reflects the spirit of Mito: Love, party, fire and speed
  • Headline: Mito is in Turkey. Which one is your Mito world?
  • Client: Alfa Romeo
  • Country: Turkey
  • City: İstanbul
  • Agency: Young & Rubicam