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DOTR posters
dotr infographic poster
Project Info:

Several posters created for DOTR to use in school talks, workshops and upcoming Designer on the road book. DOTR is the name for my glocal design studio. The name comes for the first letters of my world trip “Designer On The Road” I designed the logo of it when I was skydiving in South Africa / Cape Town and it became the world’s first design created on air. It has a Guinness world record submission and a documentary video of the story.

DOTR is an independent design studio works for many countries around the world with many people from different nations and disciplines. Our team is formed by graphic designers, industrial designers, coders, directors, photographers, architects, sound engineers, animators and many professionals from many disciplines located in different places. Some of our crew is located in Istanbul – Turkey. But some of them lives and works out of the city and even the country.

With our multi disciplined free team we get together to solve any design or advertising problem from print ads to smart phone applications or re-touching images to editing movies.

You can send an e-mail to me to hire the team if you have any design work to solve.

  • Poster 1: Infographic poster of the complete 3 years world trip of Designer on the road.
  • Poster 2: Poster shows all the rooms I stayed during my world trip and gives a letter in each room to complete a sentence by the viewer.
  • Poster 3: Gives information of how long I stayed and worked in which agency around the world.
  • Poster 4: "I have things to tell" is my latest keynote presentation for schools and design events. This is the template poster of the presentation. Universities get it and change the information on the footer to print & use.
  • Poster 5: Poster for latest flight to make my way back home. I designed it as like as a baggage tag. Gives information of my flight details so my family and friends could come and hug me at the airport.
  • Poster 6: I was like a rock star in Bosnia and joining TV shows and giving interviews everyday. I was known there as Ça Ça and this is the poster I designed for a cocktail party given by the agency Via Media for me in Bosnia. All press members were invited to say goodbye to me.
  • Poster 7: Another DOTR poster which shows my complete route by all the airports I have landed. It has some instructions on it so you can make a origami plane out of it.